ERS Continues its Commitment to Sustainability

recycle compost trashAs an energy efficiency consulting company, ERS works to promote a healthy, sustainable environment by guiding our clients to improve their organizations’ energy efficiency and minimize their environmental impact, and it is our personal and corporate standard to promote environmentally conscious behavior within our offices and throughout our professional practices.

When we designed our corporate headquarters in North Andover, Massachusetts, it was with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind. Our other offices around the country are now following suit, upgrading their original spaces with more efficient technologies and products. ERS is constantly researching and purchasing the best available green office products – from environmentally safe cleaning supplies to 100% recycled paper and houseplant pots – and our office-waste recycling program is firmly in place and fully supported by our environment-conscious staff.

This past year, to further our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, ERS employees founded a Sustainability Committee whose purpose is to support the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices within the company. The Committee worked with a Clark University student to develop a Sustainability Action Plan for the company. This plan focuses on the variety of tactics ERS could use to improve overall sustainability in waste reduction, energy use, and transportation. An initial step that was taken following the development of the plan was the implementation of a composting program. All food waste is now collected by a local company and used to produce soil.

Additionally, as a part of ERS’s ongoing sustainability efforts, an Energy Team is targeting a company-wide energy inventory and benchmarking task to be completed later this year, to identify the historical energy performance of ERS’ offices. Shortly following, the Energy Team will be investigating all viable energy efficiency and carbon reduction opportunities in our workplaces.