ERS Offers Resources for Energy Storage Projects

As part of a comprehensive energy storage outreach and technical assistance program, ERS is working with NYSERDA to analyze what buildings would be best suited to benefit from implementing energy storage projects. NYSERDA’s Energy Storage Program is actively reducing institutional and market barriers to adopting and optimizing energy storage in New York. Through this effort, ERS is providing outreach, education, technical assistance, and project development support to end-use customers pursuing energy storage projects.

ERS delivers general education and presentations on battery storage technologies and value streams, offering a wealth of knowledge for end-use customers to utilize. Additionally, ERS engages in on-site preliminary screenings for technical and financial potential for buildings with interval data and offers site visits or walk-throughs to identify site-specific installation barriers. ERS provides advice, suggestions, and assistance for available utility program support where it is applicable and will also review and compare vendor proposals. On a case-by-case basis other types of assistance for supporting the exploration of energy storage may be available as well. ERS aims to increase customer confidence in energy storage projects, and reduce project timelines and soft costs associated with these projects.

If you are interested in learning more, visit the Zondits Energy Storage Portal, your clearinghouse for actionable information for those seeking to implement energy storage projects. There you will find articles about storage, technical fact sheets for implementing and understanding storage, case studies, upcoming events, and more.

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