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Technical Assistance


ERS offers a broad range of engineering expertise to help utilities, energy agencies, and facility operators to implement cost-effective energy solutions. We excel at providing technical expertise and quality assurance, along with enabling utility program administrators to be trusted advisors for their most valued customers. We have completed numerous energy efficiency projects addressing a multitude of systems and technologies, including building lighting, HVAC, process controls, and distributed energy resources. ERS has developed database analysis tools for estimating the impacts of energy saving projects. Our data analytic solutions include the latest visualization tools, such as Tableau and Python.

ERS can help you with compliance planning for NYC Local Law 97 and 87


cannabis energy efficiency assessments

Cannabis Technical Assistance

ERS has substantial experience conducting design review and energy efficiency assessments in commercial and industrial facilities. Our team has performed ground-breaking analysis of indoor cannabis cultivation facilities through extensive metering and analysis conducted for National Grid and Efficiency Maine. ERS has completed a wide variety of tasks: toured dozens of cultivation facilities; met with and interviewed cultivators, vendors, designers, and utility program staff; conducted scoping audits of facilities in Maine and Massachusetts; and performed detailed analyses of retrofit and new construction opportunities in support of utility incentive programs. Our work has given us unparalleled insight into the energy dynamics of grow rooms.

NYSERDA: Soft Costs Battery Storage

For the New York Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), ERS implemented a battery storage potential assessment as part of New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) to transform electricity markets. ERS examined the current state of battery storage technologies that are feasible in behind-the-meter installations and investigated the associated business and revenue models. ERS identified near-term programmatic opportunities, mid-term regulatory opportunities, and long-term market transformation impacts.

NYPA: ASHRAE Level II Audits

ERS engaged with the New York Power Authority to complete a Comprehensive Energy Audit with a detailed ASHRAE Level II – Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis at five of their Department of Corrections and Community Supervisions facilities in the New York area. The purpose of this energy audit was to identify Energy Efficiency Measure (EEMs) that would reduce the energy consumption and associated costs due to improved system operations, equipment upgrades, and repairs.

ERS provides outreach and technical assistance to promote and transform the combined heat and power (CHP) marketplace in New York. ERS developed comprehensive lead generation by leveraging business and building data sets and publicly available benchmarking data to generate data analytic models for targeting customers with the best opportunity to take advantage of on-site CHP systems.