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As an energy efficiency consulting company, it is our business to promote a healthy, sustainable environment by guiding our clients to improve their organizations’ energy efficiency and minimize their environmental impact, and it is our personal and corporate standard to promote environmentally conscious behavior within our offices and throughout our professional practices.


Green Building and Sustainable Design

ERS is a recognized leader in high performance and green building development. We work with our clients to achieve the highest possible standard of efficiency and sustainability, and our projects address the potential benefits of energy efficiency, renewable energy, indoor environmental quality, high performance construction practices, enhanced building materials, daylight harvesting systems, and water conservation.


Sustainable Practices in ERS Offices

When we designed our corporate headquarters in North Andover, Massachusetts, it was with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind. Housed in a historic mill building with double-insulated, floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop monitor that provide perfect daylighting opportunities, the office was reconstructed with a combination of original, repurposed/reused doors and walls and new, energy efficient technologies:

  • We outfitted the space with low VOC paint and eco-friendly flooring and carpeting and equipped the kitchen with ENERGY STAR appliances.
  • Our heating and cooling is supplied by a mixture of energy efficient water-source heat pump units, ductless mini split systems, demand control ventilation equipment, destratification fans, and operable windows.
  • We use daylight harvesting controls to minimize the use of artificial lighting and take full advantage those large windows and roof monitor.

Our other offices around the country are now following suit, upgrading their original spaces with more efficient technologies and products. ERS is constantly researching and purchasing the best available green office products – from environmentally safe cleaning supplies to 100% recycled paper and houseplant pots – and our office-waste recycling program is firmly in place and fully supported by our environment-conscious staff.


Controlling Transportation Emissions

ERS is mindful of how our business travel affects the environment. Our official company vehicles are high performance hybrids that are typically filled to capacity with engineers and put to heavy use throughout the Northeast.