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ERS plays a leading role in many projects associated with the design and delivery of some of the largest demand-side management programs in the US. We have considerable expertise in program outreach, development, administration, and we deliver a full suite of implementation and load management program support services.

We provide specialized services to clients as well, including commissioning services, marketing research, graphical information system (GIS) mapping to optimize program outreach, on-site verification of savings, technical training, and program promotion. ERS has delivered solutions across a range of program types, from traditional resource acquisition programs to multi-technology demand management programs.


ERS has more than 20 ongoing and recently completed implementation projects, and we continue to expand our service offerings. The following projects provide a snapshot and demonstrate the diversity of our service offerings.

Silicon Valley Power

C&I Program Implementation

ERS manages and implements commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs for the City of Santa Clara’s electric utility, Silicon Valley Power (SVP). Our efforts involve a wide range of services, including program outreach, project development, customer assistance, trade ally network management, rebate processing, and program tracking and reporting. Through our innovative pay for performance program design, we have helped SVP become an industry leader and home to the most efficient data centers in the country.

Efficiency Maine


ERS is the prime contractor for the Efficiency Maine Trust Custom Program, which offers incentives to Maine’s commercial and industrial customers for the implementation of energy efficiency measures, installation of distributed generation (DG) including combined heat and power (CHP) projects, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. ERS works with the Efficiency Maine Trust to design and implement program offerings and acts as the delivery contractor providing customer outreach, scoping audits, technical assistance study reviews, and technical review of submitted projects, contract development, invoice reviews, and inspections.

Energy dial

New York State


ERS developed a completely new state-wide Pre-Qualified (prescriptive) Energy Efficiency program for New York’s commercial/industrial customers. The program includes both electric and gas measures and targets all market segments within the state of New York. Our tasks on this project included reviewing New York State and New York City market conditions as well as the previous and existing NYSERDA programs and the success rates of all measures; performing a Best Practice assessment of prescriptive programs around the country and relating those practices to the New York market; proposing new electric and gas measures, including incentive levels, that would dramatically increase program performance; and performing societal cost/benefit and programmatic cost-effectiveness tests for each measure proposed.

We also produced new program forms covering lighting, unitary HVAC, VFDs, refrigeration, motors, controls, commercial kitchen equipment, gas heating equipment, etc. This program represents the most aggressive and comprehensive prescriptive energy efficiency program in the country.



ERS created a unique bundle of services to successfully identify, recruit, and shepherd customers into installing CHP. As the contractor for outreach and technical assistance for NYSERDA’s CHP Program, ERS provides outreach to the commercial, industrial, hospitality, health care, and large multifamily sectors to increase program participation. We offer technical assistance for determining CHP project viability for customers, preliminary assessments on the technical and economic viability of potential CHP projects, help to customers navigating the vendor selection process, and assistance with the incentive application process. ERS assists NYSERDA with educating the marketplace on what makes a viable CHP project, how the technology works, and which types of buildings make the best candidates.