COVID-19 HVAC Best Practices

covid-19 hvac best practices

COVID-19 HVAC Resources and Consulting Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASHRAE, the CDC, OSHA, and state governments have made recommendations on the best HVAC practices to mitigate exposure to the virus. ERS can evaluate your building(s) to identify any aspects of your HVAC systems that do not comply with these recommendations. Using the information gathered from our evaluation, you can address the feasible improvements that will make your facility’s indoor air quality safer. ERS can also offer our engineering perspective on the practical issues and barriers to implementing compliance measures, and we will walk you through the best ways of overcoming as many of these barriers as possible. 

ERS is a team of energy engineers with decades of experience evaluating HVAC systems and their energy use. Prior to their work at ERS, some senior staff members have also designed HVAC equipment and systems, further enhancing their site evaluation qualifications. ERS offers a broad range of engineering expertise to help utilities, energy agencies, and facility operators to implement cost-effective energy solutions. We excel at providing technical expertise and quality assurance, along with enabling utility program administrators to be trusted advisors for their most valued customers. We have completed numerous energy efficiency projects addressing a multitude of systems and technologies, including building lighting, HVAC, process controls, and distributed energy resources. 

To learn more about our engineering and technical assistance services and how we can help you prepare to reopen your building(s), please send us an email.