ERS Offers Embedded EM&V Services to Enhance FleetCarma’s SmartCharge Platform

embedded em&V
Press Release
September 2, 2020

Earlier today, FleetCarma announced our partnership to provided embedded EM&V services to enhance their SmartCharge Platform. ERS previously evaluated FleetCarma’s SmartCharge platform for multiple utilities in the Northeast and the firms have partnered to offer an exciting new offering for utility electric vehicle programs across North America. ERS’s services will assess the performance of the programs in real-time by measuring the energy or demand savings and verifying the program is generating the expected level of savings. ERS’s embedded EM&V services will streamline program delivery, reporting, and regulatory compliance. We look forward to this exciting new partnership with FleetCarma.

Read FleetCarma’s press release below.

embedded em&V

Waterloo, Ontario: FleetCarma is excited to announce it will be partnering with Energy & Resource Solutions (ERS) in order to enhance SmartCharge Platform. SmartCharge Platform is a scalable solution that allows utility companies to profile and manage the electrical load from charging electric vehicles. Currently there are 24 active programs, totaling over 9,000 EVs, with more planned in 2020.

In order to provide an accurate reporting of a program, and to comply with government regulations when necessary, FleetCarma recommends that participating utilities conduct Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V) assessments. Our partnership with ERS will allow them to provide standardized EM&V services that will be embedded into the program design and implementation in order to streamline program delivery, while still maintaining third-party independence for regulatory review.

“By doing program design and implementation work as part of our platform services, we are able to bring substantial cost savings to our utility clients who are using our technologies,” explains Eric Mallia, General Manager at FleetCarma. “Partnering with ERS to streamline the evaluation process with a standardized approach will bring further economic benefits to utilities while still meeting their evaluation needs for regulators.”

ERS has a long history of conducting EM&V of efficiency programs for utilities and other entities across North America. Together we have developed a variety of evaluation deliverables, which include:

  • Assessment of the program-wide load reduction (kW), and verification of the total energy (kWh) shifted, during peak times
  • Analysis of variation in load-shifting behavior by vehicle type and make/model
  • Verification of both the program-wide aggregated load reduction (kW) and average load reduction per vehicle (kW) on the system peak days of the year

These services will assess the performance of the program by measuring the energy or demand savings and verifying that the program is generating the expected level of savings. ERS also offers hourly load modeling tools to develop custom data analysis solutions upon request.

FleetCarma is a division of Geotab and was founded in 2007. Their award-winning team designs software and hardware to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles. The core of their solutions is an IoT (internet of things) connected car device and a global cloud platform. FleetCarma is pioneering technology and processes critical for utilities to manage the growth of electric vehicle charging load.

For more information visit FleetCarma’s website or connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.