COVID-19 Response

Company update COVID-19

Dear Clients and Partners,

I want to reach out and update you on how ERS is approaching the issues associated with COVID-19. The global pandemic is affecting our families, our communities, and our way of life, but we are confident that we will jointly move forward as effectively as possible.

Our philosophy as a business is to approach the current COVID-19 situation with empathy and urgency. ERS’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees and of the communities we serve, including our clients and partners.

ERS maintains business continuity, and our employees are working remotely as we remain open for business. This shift to remote work has been smooth, and our engineers and consultants continue to deliver the highest levels of performance and dedication to their work. Of course, we are experiencing impacts to our services associated with the field work components of our business. We have so far avoided staff furloughs or layoffs; we are hopeful that the current situation will not last very long, and we are committed to quickly ramp up once field-based projects are restarted. As such, ERS is available to help you with any element of project work as you navigate these challenging times. Please consider us as a general resource on any need, and do not hesitate to reach out to your ERS point of contact at any time with questions about advancing your projects.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding how ERS is responding to the current crisis. Our thoughts are with all of you as we collectively navigate this challenging time. We look forward to seeing brighter days together.

Best wishes,
Gary Epstein

Given how rapidly the outbreak is evolving, we expect and are prepared to modify our approach constantly to ensure the health and safety of our employees and communities. This information is reflective of our guidelines and practices as of March 25, 2020.