ERS Sponsors AESP’s 27th National Conference

AESP’s National Conference took place February 13–16 in Orlando. ERS was an exhibitor and sponsor, offering a free shuttle from the airport to the conference venue, and we had three presentations representing our work for Con Edison and NGrid NY during the event.

This is the third year we have run the shuttle buses, and we have a strong reputation for providing guests with well-organized, comfortable, and reliable transportation. The airport transfer is a full-day event, and we utilized ERS staff as hosts on each of the six buses transporting attendees.

AESPPaul Dobrowsky, ERS Project Engineer II, presented “Using Data Analytics to Bridge the Gap between M&V 1.0 and 2.0” to a packed room. His presentation included an analysis of transitional M&V (1.0), M&V 2.0, and EDGE M&V. Paul collaborated with Isaac Wainstein and Patrick Hewlett, both of ERS, to write the paper associated with this presentation.

Tom Coughlin, National Grid, presented immediately following Paul on the same panel. Tom’s presentation was focused on a paper that National Grid staff worked on with Sue Haselhorst, ERS Vice President. His presentation, “Meeting the New York Reforming the Energy Vision Evaluation Challenge,” presented the methods and preliminary results of our evaluation work with NGrid NY.

On the last day of the conference Lucy Neiman, ERS Senior Director, presented “Not All Measures Are Created Equal: Using M&V Data for Strategic Program Design.” The paper, written by Jacque Phelon, ERS Senior Engineer, and Michael Ihesiaba, Con Edison, focused on our work in the BQDM territory to strategically design the implementation programs to yield demand reductions when and where they are needed most.

ERS is looking forward to AESP’s 28th National Conference in New Orleans in 2018. Look for the ERS airport shuttle notifications later this year!